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El Dropshipping is a retailing system whereby the seller not need stock. Just is responsible for receiving orders in your store and transfer them to your supplier (Dropshipper), who takes care of sending the products to end customers.

The seller gets their profit on the difference between the price paid to Dropshipper and that he has set for his client.

The main advantages of this system are the low initial investment required for its operation, the absence of storage costs and not having to worry about issues of shipments, deliveries and inventory.

Features of our system

♦ No minimum orders.
♦ Products can be with your private label.
♦ Shipping to Spain and European Unión.
♦ We ship csv and product images for automatic insertion in your online shop.
♦ Updates at least monthly.
♦ Technical advice.

How much does this cost?

For you, 0 €. You understand well: 0 €. We do not charge high fee or any monthly cost.
Only charge you the amount of products we ship to your customers.

Free additional services for registered users:

Access to download area (csv, images, help documents, etc.)
Access to the blog of the user community.